Winter Term 2016


“Paper Sloyd”

Will winter ever come this year? Winter Term has come to Great River whether the weather reflects the season or not beginning Monday, November 28th. Brrrr!  We break for Christmas holidays Thursday, December 15th, and return in the new year on Monday, January 9th. Last day of Winter Term is Thursday March 2nd.


“How to Climb a Tree”

Great River has openings in the  Monday “Play-K” (for 5-yr-olds) and in the Great River Mondays  program (for 6-13 yr olds). There are places for 6-13 yr olds as well in our Great River School Monday – Wednesday program (also for students ages 6-13). Contact lmc at greatriverlearning dot org for sign-up information.


“Dining Al Fresca”


“Lego Giotto”