Great River Fall 2018 Registration

Hello Charlotte Mason Families!

We are now registering students for our upcoming Fall Term which begins on September 10th. Here are our offerings:

PLAY-K — nonacademic Kindergarten for no more than ten 5 year olds and two teachers who supervise structured and unstructured indoor and outdoor play. $250/11 wk term

MONDAY-ONEDAY — up to four groups of students in Forms 1-3 (ages 6-12) with six-eight students per group enjoying Alveary subjects Nature Study, Literature, Handicraft, Singing, Dancing, Games, Picture Study, Composer Study, and Recitation. $250/11 wk term

GREAT RIVER SCHOOL — Mondays-Thursdays, Forms 1-3 (ages 6-12) with eight-ten students per group partaking in the Alveary “feast” of subjects that cover Reading, Writing, and Math, as well as the Monday-Oneday fare and Citizenship, Latin, Modern Language, and Grammar. $775/12 wk term, including Alveary membership per student and most books and supplies

Over the course of the term, parents are required to observe five lessons, complete assigned reading, and and attend five discussion sessions.

Alveary membership is optional for all enrolled families at a 20% discount at

Go to our Registration and Tuition page for registration directions.